Design guidelines for online shopping


If you are someone who loves online shopping know that you are not alone. Be it the smallest of items for the house or the largest of appliances and furniture people now prefer shopping everything from website.

The convenience of online shopping

  • It allows people to save the time spent in travelling to the store and hunting for products
  • It also has the convenience of delivering the products home in no time.
  • There are great discounts that most of the e-commerce sites offer.

There are many such benefits that website shopping offers. But then given the increase in demand and with the rise in the number of people who shop from the comfort of the home, we also find a steady increase in the number of e-commerce platforms. This makes it difficult to choose a reliable e-commerce vendor.

Choosing the right seller

If you are buying products direct from the online store of the manufacturer then the work is simple. You can be assured that the products that you buy are all genuine. So, if you have an idea about the manufacturer you would have an idea about the product quality to expect for the price paid. But with most of the e-commerce sites these are vendors that are supported various sellers. So, as a customer you would have no idea about the seller. So, there is the risk of being sold products which are counterfeits resembling the original designs.

Understand the design

When you are buying art pieces or fashion items a popular designer make sure that you do your homework. Get to know about the designer and the unique aspects of the design that set it apart from the other similar ones in the market. Look for product images and request the seller for more images when required. This would give an opportunity to find minor differences that help identify fakes.