How Technology Is Changing the Way You See a Doctor

Do you remember how your parents used to fix up appointments and take to visit your doctor? Be it for your regularly scheduled visits or for an emergency. How do you visit your doctor now? It is not just the medicines the doctors use that have changed but the way we visit our doctors have also changed over the years.


Earlier one had to wait in line to see the doctor. You would never really know how long it would take before you went in for your checkup. Some patients would take a few minutes while many would take their own sweet time, thus making it impossible for us to gauge how long it would be before you would be called in.

Today, you can call and fix an appointment with the clinic or the hospital. Many places use various Apps and online software to book an appointment. This way you know what slots are available and when you need to be there exactly. This gives you more time and flexibility to plan your time around your doctor’s visit.


Earlier doctors would write down the name of the medicines and give you a prescription, which has to be produced at the pharmacy for you to get those medicines. Sometimes we had to go from store to store looking for those particular drugs. Later as competition increased, stores had an equivalent medicine produced a competitor.

Today, the doctor sends your prescription to the pharmacy. You just have to sign up with a pharmacy and the doctor would send your monthly prescriptions to them if it is a regular medication. Every month beginning you just have to go to the pharmacy and get your set of medicines. There is no need to wait in line to check if your medicines are available, no running around looking for your prescribed drugs.

Websites like make it even more convenient for you giving you more than enough information about ailments, drugs, diets, etc that sometimes you don’t even need a doctor.