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Last October, I took photos of these two munchkins just shy of their first birthday. They are the almost-but-not-quite identical twins of my lovely friends, and all I can say is Wallace and August are totally hilarious ( much like their parents ) and adorably cute. I mean…those faces! That blonde hair! Those onesies! Seriously, these kiddos are my favorite.

Now, more than four months after these photos, I cannot believe how big they’ve grown and just how much destruction these two toddlers can create together. Just ask their mama – they are taking over the house. And I can only hope that I get the chance to document more of Wally and Auggie doing it. Or perhaps babysit to give their mama a well-deserved wine break.

Either way, count me in.

Hillary March 12, 2014

I cannot even handle this. SWEATER ONESIES?! Too good.

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