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Last October, I photographed my very first wedding. To say that I was nervous about it would be a gross understatement, but I was so very lucky in the fact that the bride + groom happen to be my friends. For some people, that might make photographing their wedding more nerve-wracking. But for me, it was comforting to know and shoot the people that I enjoy so much.

I think I’ve said most of what I can about Lauren + Shawn in my other two posts ( they’ve so graciously allowed me to practice my photography skills multiple times ). But if you can’t already tell from the pictures, I will reaffirm that they’re charismatic, hilarious + happily in love. The whole day was happy, full of love and Wisconsin beer and inappropriate dancing.

Ya know, the really good stuff.

Happy 4-month wedding anniversary my friends, I look forward to seeing you at happy hour next week. Margaritas on me.

[ Lauren + Shawn 1 + 2 ]

dana February 11, 2014

lovely photos friend! So proud-a-you!

Hillary February 11, 2014

Absolutely lovely. Beautiful job, friend!

Ashley February 19, 2014

Amazing job!! You killed it!

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