Well helllllooooo! I wanted to start this post with an obnoxious come-on, since it seems phrases using the word “foxy” are ubiquitous when it comes to the Internet. Did you know “foxy shazam” is a thing? I had no idea the wonders of the world wide web could bring me such knowledge.


Last semester, one of the toughest classes I took was Illustration. I am not a born illustrator, so taking an entire class that forced my hand into drawing honestly left me feeling a lot of rage as I struggled to make my work look passable. However, I had a really great teacher who assigned us projects that incorporated illustration in a variety of mediums. One of those mediums was linocut, which refers to the printmaking process of carving out a linoleum block and inking the surface to create a relief print.

Essentially, here’s how my fox went down: first, I drew a sketch. Then I traced over it with black marker and transferred the inked sketch onto a linoleum block. Next, I carefully carved out the areaa I didn’t want to show up with a Speedball, drank a beer, said a prayer and inked up the linoleum block with letterpress ink. To finish, I used a proofing press to transfer it to paper.

And voila! Classy monocled foxes!


Here are my actual prints fresh off the press in shades of both black + green. If you are interested in buying one, email me at I still have a few left and am also happy to print these sophisticated, cricket-loving foxies in whatever color(s) your heart desires.

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