For some reason, 29 feels grown up.

I entered into this holy-shit-I’m-almost-30 year just last month surrounded by brunch, bloody marys and friends. It’s the only way to enter into any new year, if you ask me. It’s not that I am scared of being 30. That’s not it, not at all. I hear from so many women that their 30s were the best years. Years that uncovered new-found levels of acceptance, intolerance for bullshit, peace of mind and a genuine love for oneself.

It IS that I fear my wardrobe is stuck in my early 20s. A time when I bought by the trends, on the cheap and with no thought whatsoever into building a functional wardrobe. There is a reason I banned Forever21 from my closet, as the memory of that awful hi-low skirt is too much to bear. For a long time, my closet didn’t really feel like me. It felt like me trying to be me when in reality…none of it was me. Rather, it was that annoying girl who actually looks cute in hi-low skirts.

One of my 2014 goals is to build a minimalist wardrobe. Over the past six months, I’ve donated more than half my wardrobe and cleaned out my clothes / accessories / shoes to the things that I absolutely love. The things that feel like me. That means I have a good foundation of jeans, v-neck tees ( Everlane tees are a fave ), ballet flats, chambray shirts, stripes, polka dots and a few LBDs.

There are a lot of holes to fill.

Luckily, I’ve been consulting a few minimalist wardrobe style guides as well as a bunch of Pinterest pins for help with the process. Because it is exactly that, a process.

An interesting one, at that. Since I have mentioned this 2014 goal to my woman friends, I’ve had a lot interest from them on this topic. I think we all get a little lost in the fashion hype cycle, which constantly changes trends and what’s hot to sell, sell, sell. So, I hope to give a few updates through the year on my process to share my transformation into a fashionable grown-up.

Or rather, the transformation to at least looking like one.

P.S. So far, I’ve purchased the trousers, boots and tote ( all above ) along with a plaid button-up, two sweaters and a spring military parka.


trousers  |  tee  |  boots  |  sweater  |  dress  |  tote  |  watch  |  chambray  |  blazer

Hillary January 21, 2014

I can’t dress myself to save my life. I actually reached out to one of my old friends (a fashion maven) and asked (told?) her to start dressing me. I need to completely, 100% overhaul this mess.

Teri [a foodie stays fit] January 27, 2014

Yay! I love that you’re documenting your minimalist wardrobe project. Makes it easier for me to copy. 😉

Definitely checking out that blazer. I need a black one in a bad way.

Sarah February 6, 2014

OMG, I saw this ages ago and didn’t know you had linked to INTO-MIND. Obsessed! I mean… it’s amazing. Excited to read more about your wardrobe journey:) I also love greys, blacks, neutrals, and a pop of red in there.

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