Like I mentioned, last fall was bonkers crazy. But in a totally good way! My little sister got hitched last September, which meant wedding festivities were in full force throughout the summer leading up to the big day. It also meant I got the chance to design my very first WEDDING INVITES.

If you know me, then you know I am stationary obsessed. Cards, notebooks, journals, paper…I love it and hoard it all in mass quantities. I had always wanted to design a wedding invitation suite, so when my sister offered me the chance to design hers, I was simultaneously stoked and filled with dread at the same time. My sister has a very…shall we say…keen eye for what she likes, so I didn’t want her wedding day to be marred by a sister vs. sister duel over font choices and color palettes. We both take our fonts and colors very seriously, you might say.

Our vision was to design invitations that were classic, simple and modern using a neutral color palette that mirrored the neutral colors of her flowers + bridesmaid dresses. I crafted hand-drawn type for the bride + groom’s names, which we incorporated into the invite, RSVP, map and several chalkboards placed all around the venue at the wedding. To finish, the whole suite was wrapped in thin twine ( my sister’s idea) and sent off to all the guests. Throw in some table numbers + namecards and – voila! – we had ourselves a branded wedding!

And as it turns out, she loved everything. For me, it was really special to be able to contribute to her big day in a unique way ( …not to mention a great learning experience about everything that goes into making a custom wedding invitation suite ).

Best of all, no duels were had in the designing of her wedding invites, and I like her husband.


[ last four photos courtesy of DNK Photography ]

Hillary January 30, 2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE. All of it.

One of my friends is designing all of our wedding stationary, and the process of working with her has been an absolute JOY. It’s so great to have someone who “gets” what you’re looking for and puts their all into delivering that for you. What a beautiful way for you to contribute to such a special day for your sister!

Teri {a foodie stays fit} January 30, 2014

I am constantly in awe of your many talents! And I loooove those invites. Almost makes me want to get married so I can use your services. But I think I’ll just throw myself a birthday party instead 😉

dana January 30, 2014

Holly, you did a fabulous job, as always. Just gorgeous!

Ashley February 4, 2014

I absolutely LOVE this!!! Amazing job, lady. You are so very talented!

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