Believe it or not…I am STILL posting school projects from spring semester. You all finally see what my mother + father have known for years: that my ability to procrastinate knows no limits. But I am really glad that I am finally posting about this REI catalog I designed for my Applied Computer Graphics class, because it’s my favorite piece of work I did last semester.

It should really come as no surprise that I enjoyed this catalog project immensely. As the daughter of a magazine + Sunday ads whore (I mean that nicely mom) and logical, right-brained accountant (you too dad), my genetic make-up was clearly destined to design catalogs for the masses. The mix of product promotion and attention to detail seemed to fit me well. So much so, that instead of doing the required eight catalog pages, I did 16. And yes, obnoxious overachiever girl that everyone hates right here.

The result is a camping-themed REI mini-catalog that I think fits well with REI’s existing brand and makes you want to run outside to enjoy some serious outdoor summer fun. Or is that just me?

Please tell me that it’s not just me. Because if there’s one thing to NOT procrastinate about, it’s definitely enjoying summer (awesome REI gear + camping trips included) while it lasts.

[projects 1 + 2 from this class]

Allie August 5, 2013

FANTASTIC! Love it. At first I thought it was an *actual* REI catalog that you were posting just because it had such great design…ha! =)

MammE August 5, 2013

This whore thinks that your catalog might even be better than a Target ad and you know what a Target whore I am:)!

Hillary August 8, 2013

I LOVE the sleeping bag layout. This is incredible!

Brooke September 27, 2013

Okay. Insane.

At first I was like, is Holly sponsored by REI??????????? THEN I realized it was just terrific design work.

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