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I think the world has a funny way of leading you in unexpected directions and onto roads that for one reason or another, you are meant to traverse. Lately, I’ve had a wonderment of people asking me to take photographs for them. It’s ungodly flattering. And, it’s really fun! A lot of that can be attributed to Michael, a super sweet and funny high school senior (who also happens to be my friend’s brother). I had the chance to shoot with him a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, this kid is going places.

We spent two hours walking around Madison and hitting up the best of the isthmus: the Capitol Square, State Street, Memorial Union and my favorite of all, the east side. We laughed a lot (they make for the best smiles, no?) while talking about music, college and all of his exciting plans. This of course made me nostalgic for my senior year, which was sadly more than 10 years ago.

Best of luck my dear Michael, may your senior yearbook photo be much better than mine.

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