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Two weeks ago, the manfriend and I returned home from a week-long trip up to Door County, WI. It was a much-needed vacation for us both and ended up being the perfect blend of activity + relaxation. That means walking + hiking was followed by guzzling cans of PBR and swimming was quickly accompanied with giant cones of ice cream. It was the loveliest.

The whole week made me realize that I need to take more vacations. There were no migraines or stress. No Facebooking or Tweeting. No obligations or commitments. Just time to spend with my favoritest person and eat good food, explore new places, enjoy being outdoors and be grateful for this earth. And time to plan our next vacation! California, we’re coming for you in October.

If you’ve never been to Door County, I highly recommend it for a weekend or week-long getaway (especially to you, Midwesterners) and encourage you to visit Rock Island State Park. It’s two ferry rides from Door County but well worth the trip for its turquoise waters + pristine white beaches.

Happy vacationing!


THORP HOUSE INN  A lovely bed + breakfast in Fish Creek with a killer brunch.
PENINSULA STATE PARK  A great campground with a public beach + lots of activity.
ROCK ISLAND STATE PARK  Take a ferry from Washington Island to this gorgeous, remote + quiet island. Pack well, because it’s carry-in only, and ask for site #13. It’s the best.
HOLIDAY MUSIC MOTEL  A retro fun hotel in Sturgeon Bay that’s a great stop in or out of Door County.


WILD TOMATO  Awesome pizza in Fish Creek. Order The Fun Guy (loaded with ‘shrooms + garlic cream cheese) and wash it down with a local brew from the Door County Brewing Company.
NOT LICKED YET  Best custard around. The Mr. Potato Head Sundae was my fave – vanilla custard with peanut butter, caramel, fresh whipped cream + crushed potato chips.
CAMPFIRE BREAKFAST BURRITOS + BANANA BOATS  If you’re camping, these recipes are easy + delicious.
TOWN HALL BAKERY + CAFE  The cutest little gem in Jacksonport serving local, organic eats.
TRATTORIA DAL SANTO  Surprisingly good Italian food in Sturgeon Bay. The fried ravioli was a favorite.


EGG HARBOR, SISTER BAY + FISH CREEK  /  Browse the many towns + main streets.
PENINSULA STATE PARK BEACH  Great public beach with expansive views of Lake Michigan.
EAGLE BLUFF LIGHTHOUSE + TOWER  In Peninsula State Park, both offer can’t miss views of Green Bay.
SEAQUIST ORCHARD FARM MARKET  Our favorite roadside market with DIVINE cherry pie.
6 1/2 MILE HIKE AROUND ROCK ISLAND  The best way to see Lake Michigan.
ROCK ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE  Offering free views from the northern tip of Rock Island.

Angharad August 13, 2013

Just lovely my friend! Such gorgeous pictures that whisked me away (and made me wish I was there for real). They emanate peace and good times.

And you know I’m gonna say it…yes to more vacations 🙂

Danielle August 13, 2013

Sounds perfect in every which way. I vote for more vacations, too 🙂

natalie@thesweetslife August 13, 2013

I have the BEST memories of visiting Door County as a kid…need to go back sometime! …and have to go have breakfast at the pancake place that has goats on the roof 😉

Hillary August 13, 2013

This reminds me that I don’t take enough LEGIT vacations—you know, the ones where I’m unplugged and focused on new people, places, food, experiences. This looks and sounds absolutely lovely and exactly like that kind of break I need sooner rather than later!

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