I had naively high hopes of blogging my spring semester of graphic design projects in a super responsible, timely fashion. But here I am finally blogging from a pizza joint near my house, shoving BBQ chicken pizza in my mouth and guzzling coffee on July 2nd. My car died this morning, I leave for St. Louis in 30 minutes and the work I should be getting done, well…isn’t.

That, my friends, is life.

But I am super excited to share this project I did for my Applied Computer Graphics class earlier this semester. We were tasked with designing an iPhone app for one of two local Madison businesses. This project required us to design an app and corresponding app website landing page that aligned with the company’s mission, vision and overall branding.

Since I love coffee far more than I love working out, I chose EVP and started sketching out a clean, modern app with a heavy focus on icons. This was my first foray into icon design, but I really love the way my coffee icons turned out (especially the French press). For the project, we designed three pages of the entire iPhone app. I tried my best to utilize the icons as much as possible throughout those pages while mirroring their softness + simplicity in other design elements.

I am happy with the way it turned out and look forward to refining it for my final portfolio. But that can wait until later…because it’s 4th of July weekend!

See you soon St. Louie.

Danielle July 2, 2013

Love the French press icon! Happy 4th, dearest 🙂 enjoy St. Louis!

natalie@thesweetslife July 3, 2013

ahhh of course you come to STL the day I’m leaving STL to go to Chicago for the weekend 🙂 let me know if you have any questions or need recommendations–it should be beautiful here, have a great time!

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