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This semester, my least favorite class has been Color Media…by far.

You would think that I, as an obnoxious wearer of color, lover of color and colorer, would enjoy learning about color theory. And for the most part, I did. However, the projects in this class nearly caused me death by colored pencil. My daily mantra became an expletive laden variation of, “I wanna rip my hair out so – ugh! – get me a $*&^@#% drink if I have to put one more $*&^@#% Prismacolor to paper.”

My annoying + ceaseless perfectionism did not make this class any easier. Even though I was majorly frustrated during most of the projects, which were often boring + repetitive, I could not bear to turn in half-assed work. That means I spent way more hours on these drawing projects than probably needed. But while this blog post has officially turned into a major rant (nothing personal professor), I have to admit these drawings are some of my favorite + rewarding work I’ve done recently.

CM Lion

Especially my tiger. RAWR.

Maybe Color Media wasn’t the most exciting class of the semester, but it was a good brush-up on my drawing skills in addition to providing me a multitude of reasons to pop open a bottle of vino after class. In other words, I’m calling the whole semester in Color Media a wash.

P.S. Anyone looking to buy art? If so, I’ve got brightly-colored drawings calling your name…




 Color Media
what  a variety of drawings exploring different color theories / practices



  survival (this one was my primary personal objective)
02  to explore the color wheel by using monochromatic, complementary, triadic and other color combinations in drawings
03  to explore other aspects of color, including light, space, atmosphere, tone, value + chroma



See above. I think this blog post says it all.

Mamma E May 6, 2013

Your family would love you to GIFT your art work to them!

Kelly Gutt May 6, 2013



Danielle May 6, 2013

Oh, no! Death by color pencil sounds intense. Your work does look beautiful though 🙂

Jen May 8, 2013

WOW! Your artwork is absolutely amazing! And the tiger? It’s perfect. Great job! 🙂

riyaz mohammed September 4, 2013

nice work

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