Argentina design inspiration collage

Last October, I finally checked off a very important country on my to-travel list: Argentina.

You see, I have been absolutely obsessed with Argentina for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t really tell you why or how my obsession started. Jokingly, I tell people that a country known for red wine, steak and the tango is a country I want to visit. That and I always thought the idea of a torrid Argentinean love affair sounded enthralling in the “Life is short, why the hell not?” sense.

Arriving in Argentina on a damp, rainy Sunday afternoon, I was immediately enthralled with the architecture, style and color of South America’s second largest country. I literally died and went to color heaven (is there such a thing? I can hope). Any country that celebrates bold, bright colors and regularly uses neon + flourescent hues in their signage is one that is fully appreciated by me.

Two weeks. Eight cities. A combined 1600 pictures. Twelve bottles of wine. Five liters of Argentinean beer. Three buses. One iPod stolen. Two tango shows. One fútbol (read: soccer) game. One unforgettable cup of Freddo’s dulce de leche ice cream.

And not to mention, loads and loads of design inspiration.


01  llama statue along the Quebrada de Humuhuaca
02  patterned floor at Casa Rosada
03  a Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge along Puerto Madero
04  street art in Cafayate
05  one of my favorites from the MALBA
06  the walls of The Empanada Shop in Cafayate
07  event poster in Purmamarca
08  street graffiti in Buenos Aires
09  San Telmo Market jam band with serious street swag

Erica February 9, 2013

Holly, these photos are out of this world! How is freelancing going? I am busy teaching, but am trying to get something going with writing on the side. I would love to hear any words of wisdom! Cheers! Erica

dana February 9, 2013

I love you, and I love your eye for design! So innate. Now I REALLY want to go to Argentina.

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