Still Life Garlic Bulb

I love garlic…like really, really love garlic. When a recipe asks for one clove, I usually put in eight. So, it should come as no surprise that I love this photo and have major plans of plastering a big print of this gigantic garlic clove in my kitchen.

Photography class was a complete joy this past semester, and I find myself wanting to do more of it. More classes. More books. More learning. More (much more) expensive equipment. While I’ve got my eye on a very expensive Canon 5D Mark ii on Craigslist (ahem, $2000 used, ahem), I am making use of my trusty Canon Rebel in the now and trying to expand both my shooting and Photoshop skills.

Mostly, so I can photograph more garlic.

Then eat it, of course.


class  Introduction to Digital Photography
what  Studio Still Life shots

To create a composition using at least two different lighting sources (spotlight, soft box and/or umbrella) of the subject of your choice.

Studio photography was a great skill to practice. Since this project, I’ve taken some studio headshots for friends + manfriends (hello, LinkedIn profile!) to add to my portfolio. While I still prefer the unsurpassable beauty of natural light, it’s nice to know that I can set up studio sessions to shoot people or rather, my graphic design projects for my portfolio as I finish up my program.

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