Feral Watches Confession: I am totally not a watch person.

Most of the time, I pay no attention to time. This is probably the reason why I’m the girl who is either really early or really late to the party. When I am engrossed in something – be it a book, design project, doodling, writing or cooking – everything surrounding me quickly decrescendos into a barely audible hum that I pay no attention to. This is when I know I truly enjoy doing something…even if the hostess of the party wonders why I showed up an hour early with a bottle of wine in one hand and a mixed CD with 80’s music in the other when she still needs to finish putting on her make-up.*

Unfortunately, at age 28, time is an unavoidable reality. As it turns out, my job wants me to be there on time. I get penalized at school if I arrive at class late. Clients often bill by the hour. Deadlines are deadlines. And well, being a grown-up means being aware of that pesky little thing called time.

Ugh, I know.

When the lovely Megan over at Feral Watches offered me the chance to review one of their watches, I had to say yes. (Mostly, in order to keep my job.) Their double wrap watches are functional yet free-spirited, which I deemed a good mix for a time-hating, Sagittarius like myself.

Feral Watches // just double wrap it!

I chose The Wanderlust: Tribal watch and absolutely love it. Not only did it help me and my manfriend navigate the multiple time zones of Argentina last fall, but it also survived almost being stolen from my mother. She loved the watch so much, she got one for herself. While I still hate the feeling of a watch on my wrist (does anyone else find it totally constricting?!), I do wear my watch on an almost daily basis and even thank it occasionally for keeping me a responsible, time-conscious adult.

Now go be a responsible adult yourself and go get one! Both the mint green and floral designs are next on my list.

*a totally true story

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