ESSENTIALS: Summer Bike Riding


Summer Bike Riding Essentials

I know I shouldn’t be doing this.

It’s rather masochistic the way I’m torturing myself by daydreaming of summer, bike rides around Lake Monona, jean shorts, blinding bright sunshine and melty cold ice cream cones when it is EIGHT DEGREES OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. But I have to. I fear the only things that will carry me through these bitingly cold winter days are the happy thoughts of leisurely summer bike rides.

Summer bike rides happen to be one of my very favorite things. The manfriend and I enjoy spending our weekends biking the lakes and bike paths of Madison and occasionally stopping to swig down a cold beer or devour a large scoop of Wisconsin-made ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter from Babcock Hall happens to be a favorite (Wisconsinites, you know what I am talking about). And any appropriate bike ride deserves stylish bike gear, amiright?

Casual, breathable clothes. A backpack to carry snacks. And all the necessary (read: functional AND cute) bike accessories.

It may only be January, but I say it’s never too soon to start stocking up in preparation. I’ve got several of these gems already checked off my list and my eye on several others. Please, don’t forget a bike helmet and perhaps an obnoxiously loud bike bell too. I mean hello, safety first!

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dana January 26, 2013

um YES YES YES YES and YES YES YES and YESYES. Love! Can’t wait for summerrrrr.

Ashley January 27, 2013 p.s. LOVELY blog.

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