Project WI // Polar, WI

Project WI // New Holstein, WI

Project WI // Tony, WI

Project WI // Harding, WI

Project WI // Rudolph, WI

Project WI // Milwaukee, WI

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Madison, WI is teeming with some pretty cool design talent.

Last week, I interviewed the guys from Project Wisconsin for a freelance article I am writing for the Isthmus. As an aspiring graphic designer, the assignment couldn’t have been more perfect. Josh Cox + Doua Vue have made it their 2012 goal to brand 365 of Wisconsin’s more than 1200 towns. They post a new branded town each day, and I’m endlessly impressed by their constant creativity. Their designs are cheeky, sometimes borderline-inappropriate (check out Spread Eagle, WI) and fun. It makes this Minnesota transplant happy to live in the land of cheese curds, beer and snowmobiles.

Plus, that Tonya Harding crowbar-to-the-knee one in honor of Harding, WI gets me every time.

Every single time, I tell you.

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