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When you’re best friends start having kids, it’s the weirdest and best thing ever.

The weirdest because your best friend is a MOM. A who you’ve known since 4th grade ( not to age us, but that’s 20 years ), seen through many awkward hair stages, stood next to in sparkly Jessica McClintock dresses at prom and have slammed down Burger King Rodeo Burgers with drunk at 2am during college. That’s friendship, my friends.

And the best because I mean…look at this face! And that baby chambray shirt! Wes is one of the funniest + laid-back kiddos I know, and I completely attribute that to his super cool mom ( and dad, of course ). They are the best parents, and I had so much fun / was so honored they asked me to take shots of the lil’ punkin to celebrate his first birthday.

Let me tell you, that kid’s a lucky one…not to mention a super cute one too.

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I totally lucked out in college. During my junior year, I scored a PR internship with Wisconsin Cheese. I don’t know why, but I remember having a good feeling going into the interview that day. Maybe it’s because that fateful interview happened on my 21st birthday, or because I was wearing my lucky navy blue wide-leg trousers ( seriously, way more flattering than skinny jeans will ever be ). Whatever it was, I am grateful, because now—almost 10 years later—my Wisconsin Cheese-loving heart still beats as fervently as ever.

Anyways…they’ve kept me around freelancing all these years, and last month, I developed a few cheese board combinations for the month of November. Because I mean, duh—Thanksgiving is almost here, and how am I going to eat myself to the point of self-loathing if I don’t shove my face with a cheese board before and after the big meal?! Aged cheddar, you own me.

If you’re into it, this dessert cheese board is for you. Most self-loathing happens post-turkey, and this dessert board is totally worth hating yourself for. Everything pairs so perfectly with each other, and presented on a slate cheese board—the colors + textures are quite stunning.

For my other cheese board combinations + tips on putting together the perfect cheese board, visit www.eatwisconsincheese.com. You won’t regret it.


Take it from me—a dessert cheese board featuring Wisconsin cheddar, blue and brie is probably the best way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Serve with a dessert wine ( may I suggest a rich, sweet Port? ) and happy friggin’ holidays, my friends.

  • CHEDDAR  Cheddar is nutty + firm—it’s worth splurging on an aged variety for this board.
  • BLUE  Blue is tangy + crumbly, bringing a good savory balance to this cheese board.
  • BRIE  Brie is soft, creamy + earthy, and an especially tasty pairing with dark chocolate.
  • DATES  Sweet and gooey, dates have a rich flavor similar to caramel.
  • HAZELNUTS  Cheese boards need crunch, + hazelnuts are a seasonal favorite.
  • APPLES  Apples are a perfectly sweet fruit that pairs well with everything.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE  No dessert is complete without chocolate. Buy a high-quality variety with 70% cocoa solids or higher.

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There is perhaps, no work I’m inspired by more right now than artist + illustrator Oliver Jeffers.

You’ll know his work when you see it. It’s whimsical and fresh. Funny and quirky. And his type! Oh man, his hand-lettering is perhaps my favorite thing about his work. Oliver is more widely known for his children’s books, which—no big deal—have been New York Times bestsellers, but his paintings, hand-lettering and various other side projects are just as lovely.

Working in mixed media, he’s known for combining gouache, watercolor, ink, pencil, acrylic and endless other mediums into his pin-legged picture book characters. It all makes me want to get out my art supplies, and have some fun. To me, that’s the best indicator of inspirational work.

Belfast born but Brooklyn dwelling, Oliver just released his latest book, Once Upon An Alphabet, and it’s a beauty. His latest appearance on NPR is a must listen. He reads excerpts from the book in his soft Irish accent, so yeah…you’re going to need to check that out.

And then get the book here. I’ll be buying one of each of his books for my nephew, who’ll make his grand entrance into the world this spring. That kid needs Oliver Jeffers in his life, me thinks.

[ photos courtesy of Oliver Jeffers ]

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