Because love is all there is. <3

From my friend Diana ( who said it better than I ever could )…

When sending thoughts and prayers isn’t enough ( hint: they aren’t ), please support, donate or get involved with organizations who advocate for gun safety:

Sign this petition to ban weapons of war on our streets. Sign this petition to demand universal background checks. Call/write/email your senators to urge them to support gun control measures, like instituting universal background checks, ending the CDC ban on gun violence research, and preventing abusers with temporary restraining orders from buying guns.

Know an LGBTQ individual? Tell them you appreciate and support them.

Know a police officer who has dedicated their life to making your community a safe place? Tell them you appreciate and support them.

Know someone struggling with mental illness or social injustice? Tell them you appreciate and support them, and make sure they are receiving the help they need.

We CAN do more—and we need to. Oh, and watch this beautiful sonnet.

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If I’ve timed everything correctly, I’m currently cruising 30,000 feet somewhere over Michigan and on my way to the East Coast to witness two friends get married. I wasn’t planning on posting this wedding, but love is in the air, and Leah + Aaron’s day is the kind that must be blogged.

Surrounded by 50 of their closest family and friends, Leah + Aaron married in the most intimate and loveliest of ways. The gray, rainy day began with good friends and champagne, before these two people officially said I do in an old mansion turned hotel in the heart of downtown. There was a gorgeous Pablo Neruda reading, happy tears and laughter; all of which they took along with them for dinner at one of my favorite Madison restaurants, A Pig In A Fur Coat. There were four different Old Fashioned drinks on the menu, so you know a good time was had by all.

These two are clearly so loved by family + friends, and the feeling is evidently reciprocal. The entire day was one big giant ( and tasty ) hug, and I only wish this kind of party could happen every weekend.

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Links I Love / 05


June Links I Love / Hollis Anne

I know what you’re perhaps thinking…another links post?!?

Stay with me here friends, because there’s been lots of good reading and internet finds lately. Plus, it’s summer ( outside > blogging ), and I’m in the midst of a website redesign, so posting here will likely be sporadic for awhile. All good things, of course! The arrival of June means I’ll soon be adventuring here with my mama, and a new site means I’m finally updating my portfolio ( it’s been two years…yeesh ). There will be lots of new design projects, hand-lettered goods and updates coming your way in the next few months.

Until then, enjoy a summery edition of my latest favorite links + reads. Some fun stuff mixed some heavy stuff, but all good stuff.

This gorgeous song.

My perfect summer drink.

And the most delicious cake (I made it a few weeks ago to rave reviews).

These lust-worthy sunglasses.

I’ve been coveting a pair of high-waisted Jesse Kamm pants. They’d be an investment, but I’m trying to buy less but higher-in-quality things. The question: iron oxide or tobacco?

Jimmy Chin’s Instagram is mind-blowing ridiculous. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS???

If I ever have a daughter, please let it be this girl.

The Busy Person’s Lies. So guilty.

Equality Takes Work.

How to Get Rid of Practically Anything.

This makes me happy.

Required reading. Powerful and so, so important.

“You don’t need to nail the door completely shut, as Facebook quitters do; you just need to stay mindful of who’s trying to get in.” This short, to-the-point read.

“We mustn’t abandon him or her, only the founding Romantic idea upon which the Western understanding of marriage has been based the last 250 years: that a perfect being exists who can meet all our needs and satisfy our every yearning.” YES YES YES.

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