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A funny thing happened this Sunday morning. While journaling + sipping my second cup of coffee in my London flat, I had the sudden urge to blog. And since I’ve had a handful of people ask for an update from across the pond, I thought it only right to do so.

So, here we go: I’m in London! And it feels exceedingly good to be back.

I’ve been here more than a week now and finally starting to feel less discombobulated. I’m settling into a new normal, of sorts. Managing design work while enjoying all the lovely bits of London has required readjusting (and more focus), but I’m getting there. In the meantime, I’ve been spending lots of time with friends, wandering my neighborhood (East Dulwich/Peckham) on foot, commuting via bus and train and tube around the city, enjoying afternoons in museums, and of course, eating a lot of good food. I’ve also been working on finalizing my brand new website, which will be launching VERY soon, and dedicating some time to myself.

While most people have given up on their new year’s resolutions by now, I’m feeling even more dedicated to mine. Which is to take advantage of my current work-from-abroad situation and spend time on myself. It’s something that’s eluded me the past few years as the demands of running my own studio took over. Lately, I’ve simply been journaling whatever comes to mind about my priorities, wants, needs, anxieties, goals, future. It’s small, but it’s a start.

You’ll see it has somewhat taken over my brain, however, by the mostly personal growth-related links below. I do hope you find them (or even one of them) elucidating for your own lives.

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with more photos and a brand-spanking-new website. Cheers, friends.

My kind of wall art.

On the hunt for a sweater (I forgot to pack one), I’m thinking this or this?

10 Quick + Easy Ways to Get Your Greens. Gimme those garlic Brussels sprouts.

If you’re feeling down about the election (like myself), FRENCH TOAST PIZZA.

A Buddhist monk explains mindfulness for times of conflict.

30 ways to live more simply.

To be happier, do one creative thing every day. <3

How to Prioritize When Everything is Important.

How I Got My Attention Back. If technology has an unwanted hold on you (like it does me).

Let 2017 Be the Year of Working Hard and Resting Hard. As someone who is terrible about resting, I needed this: “We are going to hustle, sure. But we’re also going to rest. In fact, we’re going to be as good at resting as we are at crushing things.”

Protest signs from women’s marches around the world. <3<3<3

A few London favorites thus far: an afternoon spent at the Tate Modern, breakfast at Blue Brick Cafe, wandering Liberty department store, Ganapati Indian takeaway (ridiculously good onion bhajis), Peter Pan at the National Theatre, and the London Women’s March.

More London photos on Instagram @hollisanne_

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Links I Love / 08



A few years ago, my friend Elle gave this exact advice to my other friend Rassa at a moment when she needed it most. A moment when Rassa needed someone to give her the most basic, yet most necessary piece of wisdom that exists in this human life: TAKE A FUCKING BREATH.

It’s stuck with me ever since that day.

The past few months have taken a toll on just about every person I know. The election (UGH), the holidays and the coming new year always seem to drudge up heated emotions + old insecurities we wish we could obscure from the world. And that collective sense of unease doesn’t account for the personal struggles we endure daily that seem magnified by all we can’t control.

It’s a lot. (I’m pretty sure I became slightly depressed just reading that last paragraph)

So perhaps, it’s time I take my own fucking breath.

One gigantic inhale — pause — and an equally gigantic exhale.

This will be my last blog post for awhile. Taking a break (and a fucking breath) are non-negotiables when it comes to leading a happy, sane life. We (read: I) can’t do it all, and we (read: I) really need to stop trying. There’s been a lot of life jammed into this year, both good and sad — break-ups, big work projects, travel, a website + portfolio update, BABIES, health things — and I’m encroaching into serious burn-out territory. I need auntie time, couch time, nacho time, wine time, friend time and most important, cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie time.

To add to it all, I’m heading to Europe in January for an extended stay! While I planned this trip pre-election, I’m even more excited to travel my way through a handful of countries while working remotely (with a lighter workload!). So, maybe there won’t be too much relaxing as I get ready to leave, but when I’m on that plane cruising high over the Atlantic Ocean, be prepared for this.

Until then, here’s a list of cute things, worthwhile reads, and some holiday fun, for good measure. If you’ve got any uplifting additions to this list, please oh please leave links in the comments.

Happy, happy holidays! Be well, friends and see you back in 2017.

The perfect striped tee.

Sweater of my dreams.

On the hunt for a nice dress for the winter / holidays: velvet, metallic polka dots or texture?

H+M nailed their holiday campaign (Wes Anderson #FTW).

I made this easy Coconut Curry Ramen a few weeks ago to rave reviews.

Currently reading these two books (here and here).

Solving the problem of fake news. So good.

The science of happily ever after. EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS NOW.

How to coach your brain to stop being mad at someone.

How to overcome worry and be a friendlier person.

How each Myers-Briggs personality type reacts to stress. I’m an ENFP, and this could not be more accurate. (via Teri)

Holiday shopping guides! It seems every blogger I read has put one together, and here are a few of my favorites thus far:

Simple reminders for the holiday season. <3

Also, the print I designed for Oh, Ladycakes is back in stock! 25% off right now.

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Links I Love / 07



It’s another gray, cloudy morning here in Wisconsin, and I’m not even mad about it. The gloomy, low-hanging skies seem to fit my mood as of late, which is to say I’ve been sleeping in later and enjoying lots of cozy mornings in bed with coffee. Welcome fall, I love you.

Remember how I said I was going to blog more? Yeah… that’s probably not going to happen. Because (a) I’m overcommitted to life (← title of my autobiography), and (b) I’m working on a handful of new projects that are going to require my full attention. I’m also making progress on that brand new website I started working on over a year ago! “Perpetually behind” could be the alternative title to my autobiography, but I think that one sends the wrong message.

Anyways, the important thing is I’m here today. Life is strange, and people are the worst (and the best), and we’re all getting by with the help of coffee, LOLs, good family + friends, radical acts of kindness, and the internet. There’s been some seriously good reading + finds around the web lately, so I highly encourage you check out each + everyone of these links.

I mean, we could all use an excuse for Tuesday procrastination, amiright?

“When everything starts going wrong all at once, it is protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born.” Anne Lamott

Everything bagels (in any way, shape or form) 4 lyfe.

Never too many stripes.

I want to wear everything Ulla Johnson makes.

This makes me want to dye my hair blonde. (via Cup of Jo)

How lovely is my friend Emily’s 400 square foot NYC apartment? Serious interior goals.

Tinder for fonts. (via Erin)

Amazing designer, even more amazing website.

One of my all-time favorite albums. On repeat this week.

Also, the new Solange album.

Straightforward Answers to Basic Questions About Syria’s War. Educate yourself.

Sarah Paulson’s career advice. I LOVE this.

YAS WOMEN. The ladies of the Obama administration rule.

15 Career Tips from Smart Women.

…speaking of smart women. (by the lovely Libby Vander Ploeg)

Time or money—which should you choose? As I get older, I become increasingly more aware of the trade-offs between these two.

On creativity. Everyone should read this article—whether or not you consider yourself creative—for the many nuggets of life wisdom. “Originality is paralyzing, authenticity is liberating.”

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