Can we please take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to discuss how I would like to buy one of everything from Madewell’s Spring 2015 collection? It’s a modern-boho-stripey-menswear-inspired bricolage, and I want it all. Even the short overalls! ( ahem, shorteralls? )

I’m still working on curating my wardrobe ( more to come on that soon ), and I think a few choice pieces from this collection would be welcome additions to my closet.

High-waisted, 70’s-style flares? Purchased.

Comfy chic patterned dresses? Buying this one now.

Birkenstocks, mules and cute Keds-inspired sneakers? Gimme these shoes.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the photography and styling of the entire spring lookbook is beyond impeccable. UGH… Madewell has a chokehold on my wallet, and they totally know it.


[ photos courtesy of Madewell ]

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A few weeks ago, the manfriend and I ventured the hell out of Wisconsin to bask in the beachy, hippie vibes of Tulum, Mexico. It was the perfect graduation gift to myself after a semester of craziness, and the first time in forever that I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

We laid on the beach, then laid on the beach some more. We ate tacos, then ate some more tacos. And we swigged them tacos down with Cerveza Sol beer + spicy sweet margaritas. I read two excellent books—Amy Poehler’s Yes Please + Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl—and slept more than 10 hours a night. It was glorious.

Here’s a few of our favorite places to eat and stay, along with some things to do in the area. Although I can’t vouch for the sightseeing because like I said, we were total do-nothings.

Oh Tulum…you can bet we’ll be back soon.


First, HARTWOOD. It’s THE place to go in Tulum. Jicama salad, papaya empanadas, short ribs braised in agave nectar, pineapple jalapeño margaritas—it was all sooooo good. And second, POSADA MARGHERITA. They’ve got excellent seafood + pasta, plus their ginger margarita is amazing, and they have the cutest shabby chic interior.

ZAMAS is where it’s at for huevos rancheros, GITANO has excellent cocktails, AHAU has a great breakfast burrito, and TAQUERIA LA EUFEMIA has the BEST TACOS. Seriously, I ate their shrimp tacos everyday. Plus, its conveniently located next to Tita Tulum ( see below ).


We stayed at TITA TULUM—an eco-friendly resort with a lovely cluster of bungalows located on the south end of Tulum. And right across the street from Hartwood! It’s not lavish, but it’s clean and super friendly. If you stay, book #5 ( like we did ) with an amazing beachfront view. We also have friends who stayed at HOTEL NUEVA VIDA DE RAMIRO and loved it.


Truth: we did nothing the entire time we were in Tulum other than beach it and eat effing delicious tacos. However, there’s a number of outdoor adventures to be had, including the TULUM RUINS, CENOTES and CESIAK LAGOON BOAT TOUR, which was recommended by an Insta follower.

If you’re looking for pampering, head to COQUI COQUI. I spent a half day and too much money on three hours of spa treatments, but it was worth every.single.cent. A sea salt scrub, Mayan body wrap, aromatherapy massage + rose water bath. Don’t forget to peruse the gift shop on your way out ( amazing perfumes + candles ) and finish off your visit with an order of ceviche.

For more photos, including lotsa taco pics, check out my Insta: @hollisanne_

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A lot can happen in a year  |  HOLLIS ANNE

About two months ago, I had to go grocery shopping for a freelance recipe project I was working on. It was the day after my big portfolio show, and I was feeling equal parts elated, relieved and downright exhausted. The project’s deadline was encroaching fast, so despite wanting to snuggle in bed all day, I threw on my coat and forced my bleary eyes into driving to the store.

Grabbing a cart, I sauntered through the produce department erratically throwing kale, oranges, berries, butternut squash and the most gorgeous jewel pink pomegranates into my cart. I was just about to exit the produce section when my foggy brain remembered, “BANANAS!”

Quickly swerving around—the rows of unripened green bananas within eyesight—I crashed into a woman wearing a long denim skirt and oversized periwinkle t-shirt. Just as I began to profusely apologize, I realized her crystal clear blue eyes were staring maniacally yet oddly stoically into my own. Her long dark hair streaked with thick strands of silver framed her face.

Swirling her hand in a circle in front of my face, she said, “You have a very strong energy.”

I froze. Life has prepared me for a lot, but somehow it missed on how to respond to the gypsy-looking woman who has stopped me in the produce department of my local grocer and drilled holes through my eyes and right into the depths of my soul.

“Th-th-thank you,” I stuttered, but before the “you” could make its way out, she interrupted.

“I see very good things for you in 2015,” she continued. “Your energy, it’s very strong, and this year is going to be a very successful one.” For another minute or so, she gave me a complete psychic reading as I leaned against the display of sweet potatoes for support—hitting all areas of my life: work, friends, family, relationship, success.

She gave me her card and asked if I would like a longer reading. Typical sales pitch, I thought before turning the card over and realizing she had the same name as my grandma, who I adored and who passed away years ago. Then, the gypsy-psychic with eyes of glass disappeared.

I texted my mom right away ( as I do with most things in life ) to tell her what had just happened, finished shopping and headed home. But the whole incident stuck with me. I couldn’t figure out why at first. I mean, yes, the whole thing was hilarious and totally weird. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a much-needed boost knowing someone saw success in my future.

And that I realized, was the problem.

Here I was, relying on a random encounter with a stranger to get me to believe that 2015 was going to be a good year. Self-loathing immediate set in. I knew I had not been able to give that gift to myself, and I hated that. Self-love sounds so simple, yet I maintain, it is one of the hardest things we have to do. It’s a daily practice, and man, I have lots of work left to do.

I still don’t have those 2015 goals. Nor do I have intentions or resolutions or big life pledges.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot I want to accomplish this next year. I have big travel plans and self-improvement plans, business plans and plans, plans, plans. But I think the most important thing I can do in 2015 is believe in my own success. It’s going to require a lot of work ( and a lot of therapy…consider my therapist warned ), but I think it’s a good one.

If I can do that and perhaps, wake up each day trying to be a nicer human than I was the day before, that feels like enough to me right now.

In fact, it feels like more than enough.

[ hand-lettering by me ]

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