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Thera + Robb Hand-Lettered Wedding Suite | www.hollisanne.comThera + Robb Hand-Lettered Wedding Suite | www.hollisanne.comThera + Robb Hand-Lettered Wedding Suite | www.hollisanne.comTheraRobb-07TheraRobb-05TheraRobb-06TheraRobb-04

I have to admit, I love designing wedding invitations. Even though I’ve attended many a wedding, I’m not really a gushy wedding person ( I’ll probably elope to the courthouse, thankyouverymuch ), BUT I do love a custom hand-lettered invitation suite. Hand lettering is only my favoritest thing ever, you know. Luckily, the cute, hip brides getting hitched these days are taking notice.

Earlier this year, Thera came to me looking for hand-lettered invitations for her May nuptials. Once she sent me her Pinterest inspiration board and I saw navy blue invites printed with gold foil, I literally pumped my fist in the air screaming, “Yessssss!” loud enough for my weird-ass neighbors to hear. Thera didn’t know this, but there was no way we were NOT doing navy blue + gold foil.

After a few renditions of hand type, rounds of edits + snafus with the gold foil printers, we were graced with these gorgeous invites. Clean, modern and classy…they look even better in person. Those gold foil lights might be my favorite part. That or the placecards with light strings, where the number of strings corresponds to your meal preference. I mean, seriously. So good.

Soooo, what I am trying to say is that if you are cool like Thera and want hand-lettered wedding invitations, please do let me know. Not only will you help me continue to annoy my weird-ass neighbors, but you’ll make me one very happy hand-lettering lady.

[ invitation photos by me, wedding photos courtesy of Bernadette Pollard ]

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If we’re doing a round of #truththursdays here, I must admit I haven’t always been the designer I want to be. One of my big mistakes : working harder, not smarter.

It’s just one of the many things I’ve effed up since I started freelancing for myself more than a year ago ( another post I plan on writing soon ). I’m constantly making mistakes and learning from them. One of the best things I can do through that process is be my own best friend and strive try to do better next time. Which is why I’ve been buying blood orange sorbet ( check on self-BFF status! ), and working towards building a better design process workflow for my clients.

One simple way I have started to do this is with moodboards.

Moodboards are an easy beginning step in the relationship between designer + client to ensure both parties are on the same page. It’s a small collection of images, typography, color and other inspiration that sets the tone for the branding or project at hand. The designer shows the client they get what he/she is looking for, and the client is reassured the designer understands their aesthetic. It can go a long way in ameliorating conflicts down the line.

This moodboard is for a current client of mine—two sisters passionate about bringing all-natural skin care + beauty products to the masses. The look is equal parts organic, modern + cool. And I’m happy to report they loved the moodboard + wanted it printed out for their wall ( me too! ).

So what did we learn today, kids? Smarter, not harder. Be your own BFF. Moodboards…always moodboards.

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August-In-ReviewAugust-Camping-2August-CampingAugust-Camping-1EvanAugust-StPaul-1August-StPaul-3August-StPaul-2WesAugust-SanDiego-1August-SanDiego-2August-SanDiego-3 Oh August, you were good to me.

Even though you were gone in just one blink of the eye, I really tried to savor every last minute of your fleeting existence. You had lots of favorites. My favorite meal had to be those grilled veggies, corn on the cob + grilled cheese sandwiches eaten on my patio and washed down with cheap Trader Joe’s beer. And my favorite concert was definitely PHOX. That Monica Martin sure knows how to sing. Picking a favorite wine is always tough, so let’s just say much rosé was consumed.

You saw me work a lot, watch a lot of Orange Is The New Black and travel a lot. Perhaps best of all, you helped me get my portfolio started. Check it out –> here <– my friends, because graduation is exactly three months and one day from today, and I’m going to need all the help I can get.

01.     A weekend of camping at Blue Mound State Park
02.     Pizza, Farmer John’s gouda sandwiches + molasses cookies at The Hazelnut Café
03.     A gorgeous sunset family photo sesh with goofy, hilarious Evan
04.     Exploring downtown St. Paul ( just as good, if not better than its Minneapolis counterpart )
05.     The BEST chocolate chip cookie ever at The Buttered Tin
06.     A special family photo sesh with my BFF Megan + her son Wes ( those cheeks! )
07.     Girls weekend in San Diego with my other BFF Ashley
08.     High-kicking on the beach to burn off the In-N’-Out burger I had just consumed

More photos on Insta: @hollisanne

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