Beach Vacation Packing: One Week with 10 Pieces | Hollis Anne

Forget 20 pieces in two weeks for Europe! Today, we’ve got 10 pieces in one week, Tulum style.

The thing I love most about beach vacations is that you just don’t need much. A swimsuit, some casual clothes for lounging / messy taco eating + a nicer outfit for dinner… Boom, you’re good to go! Plus, on beach vacations, extra laziness is encouraged. That means no make-up or fancy hair products required. Just let the salty ocean water do its thing on your mane, then swipe on mascara + your favorite lipstick. Like I said, good to go.

For me, utilizing a neutral color palette is the simplest way to ensure everything can mix + match, giving me maximum wear for my pieces. My actual vacay wardrobe did have touches of mustard yellow. However, with a neutral base, it was pretty seamless for me to throw in a pop of color and still have everything work together. And rest assured, these 10 items don’t count bras, underwear or airplane clothes, so I promise I brought all that too.

If I was going to go super minimal, I’d say I could have survived just fine with a swimsuit, jean shorts, tank top + sandals all week long. That is, if I hadn’t spilled the world’s most delicious shrimp tacos all over multiple articles of clothing throughout our vacation.

You can’t win ‘em all. But you can get drunk off Cerveza Sol beers + forget any of it happened.

Beach vacations, they really are the best.

top, tank, shorts ( similar ), bottoms, tee, dress ( similar ), kimono ( similar ),
stripe dress ( similar ), sandals, jeans, cardigan

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Like I said, I’m in the midst of a handful of projects right now. All of them neither at their beginning nor quite finished… That is until today! This past week, I finalized a logo for a friend’s band just in time for them to play a major show with Aaron Carter in a few weeks.

Yes, THEE Aaron Carter.

Anyways—spoiler!—this is not the final logo. But I do love how these iterations of Catch Kid reveal a bit about my process. I’m always fascinated by the less glamorous side of design—the sketches, rejected drafts, ideas gone wrong—so I thought I’d show you a bit of that today. For these drafts, I started with Futura, then made different modifications with angles, line, color and shadow. I played around with some new-to-me techniques ( which I find is the best way I learn ) and enjoyed the process of learning, experimenting + creating.

So no, none of these logos were chosen, but the concept is still one of my favorites.

And now, only 12 days until Catch Kid + Aaron’s Party ( Come Get It )! The 15-year-old in me could not be more excited.

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It’s crazy what a difference one year makes.

Just last year, these kiddos were little babies sitting contently on a blanket stuffing their faces with animal crackers. Now, my favorite two-year-olds are little boys who can be found communicating in secret twin language while running in exact opposite directions at all time. After 20 minutes of shooting, I was exhausted. I don’t know how their parents do it ( I bow down to you both ).

I shot these photos of Wallace + August last fall, and I still love them so much. They give me all the warm fuzzies, because to me, they represent what childhood is supposed to be—running, playing, falling ( so many falls ), exploring, climbing, getting nice clothes dirty and last but certainly not least, putting shoes in your mouth.

That’s not going to be socially acceptable forever Auggie, so enjoy that rubber sole while you can.

P.S. That open mouth twin kiss is too much. Just the dang cutest.

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