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I’ve been home from the Netherlands for less than two days, but it feels like oh so forever ago that I was traveling through the land of canals, frites, waffles, tulips and all the marijuana you could ever want ( Instagram proof here ). The trip was amazing of course, but like any time spent away from home, there’s always an endless list of things to catch up on upon returning.

So, I’ve been busting a serious move since touching back down in Chicago to attack this booked-up week. But this morning—after getting up wayyyy too early to finish off some logo drafts—I opened up some old scans of doodles and made this pattern. Ya know, for fun.

I’m learning that even in the midst of crazy schedules, taking just 20 minutes of “me” time to do whatever I want can give me a much-needed mini boost. I feel less anxious and much happier. And since I almost always choose me-time hand-lettering ( or some other form of doodling or drawing ), it also gives me time to practice, sketch out ideas and sharpen my skills.

Until I get some time to play with all my Netherlands photos, enjoy the strawberry pattern. It’s got me thinking of spring, and all the delicious homemade coconut oil shortcakes in my future.

Happy hump day, my friends.

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A few months ago, Anneliese, who by ways of a friend of a friend, emailed me with a secret. Her and her partner Jimi decided that after many years of dating ( many = too many to count ), they were ready for marriage. It’s an exciting decision for any couple, but perhaps more so for them because they were going to elope without the knowledge of family or friends, and they were going to do so on the day after Valentine’s Day.

The whole thing seemed sweet and lovely, and even though I hadn’t met either of them in person at this point, I somehow already knew it was so perfect for them.

When they asked me to be there to document their day, I happily accepted. The ceremony was intimate and understated, while brunch was silly and celebratory. These two are good people… REAL good people who have an obvious ease with each other that flows so naturally from goofy to affectionate and back again.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention they belong in a J.Crew wedding ad. ( her shoes! )

Congratulations you two, and thank you again for letting me be a part of such a lovely afternoon. Can’t wait to see you both again soon.

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SUNSHINE. Bike rides around the lake. Asparagus. Strawberries. Coconut oil shortcakes! Trips to the farmers’ markets. Cooking from my new Amy Chaplin cookbook. Bare ankles. My new Birks. Not having to wear eight layers of clothing to stay warm. Outdoor workouts. Rationalizing monthly pedicures ( loving the nude matte ). Thunderstorms. Spring cleaning. A trip to the Netherlands. Meeting my new nephew. Restoring good self-care habits after a too-long winter. Watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ( so charming ). Flowers. More flowers. All the flowers.

Just 12 more days, halle-effin-lujah.

P.S. Take a peek at my friend Ashley’s new site with the logo + graphics I designed for her. She’s an incredible cook, photographer + all-around human being.

[ type created by me for Almond Breeze ]

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