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One of the first photography shoots I ever did was of Maya. More than a year-and-a-half and lots of photography practice later, I had the oh-so-lovely pleasure of photographing Maya once again…this time with her new little sister, Stella.

These gals are two of my favorites—perhaps because their mother is my mentor + one of the best people I know, but also because they are just stinkin’ cute. A few months ago, we spent a leisurely few hours together at their house just hanging + soothing Ms. Stella’s case of the grumps + laughing a lot, because you kinda can’t help laughing when Maya is making any one of her array of hilarious faces. Here is just a small collection of some of my favorite shots, including what I believe is Maya + Stella’s very first selfie ( last shot, above ).

This family wins the award for most squishable cheeks, do they not?

They’re totally the best.

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Ever since I took my very first letterpress class nearly a year ago, I have wanted to letterpress a wedding invitation suite. Maybe it’s the ( small amount of ) girly girl in me, but I am borderline obsessed with all things wedding design. And, I am even more obsessed with wedding letterpress design. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the tactile, rich texture of letterpress wedding invitations arriving in the mailboxes of loved ones announcing the big day. *le swoon*

So…flash forward to this past February when I convinced my friend Steph to let me letterpress her wedding invites for a school project in my Advanced Letterpress class. Luckily, it only took a bottle of wine or two to get her drunk and agree ( it’s why we’re friends ).

In my design, I was influenced by Steph’s classic, effortless taste + neutral wedding color scheme. The two-color suite encompassed an invitation, postcard RSVP ( saved $$$ on envelopes! ), map of Madison for out-of-town guests + a mini information card of the day’s events. I incorporated a vintage-inspired palette of champagne + charcoal as well as hand-lettered a custom script font, seen in the bride + groom’s names, their monogram + on the map. For a finishing touch, we edge painted the sides charcoal gray to give an extra touch of sophistication.

The printing process took wayyyy longer than I thought, which can happen when you forget to include a digit in the phone number of the wedding hotel + have to reprint that piece. It also happens when you accidentally get your hair stuck in the printing press.

Needless to say, when I was done printing, I celebrated like this.

Then, I celebrated at Steph + Brian’s wedding two weekends ago like this.

It’s all for the love of letterpress, my friends.

*The suite was printed with a Vandercook SP15 press on Crane’s Lettra, Flourescent White, 110C.

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