I’m smack dab in the middle of wedding invitation season. That means I get to rationalize endless Internet / Pinterest searches for pretty wedding things, and call it work.

This season, the majority of my clients are all about gold, and I’m certainly not one to argue with that. Gold is sophisticated yet versatile, and when paired with calligraphy, it makes for seriously stunning wedding invitations. I love how there’s so many styles of calligraphy—each one different than the next, and each one with their own distinct personality. I haven’t calligraphed anything in awhile, so it’s been nice to hit nib to paper again ( sneak peek here ).

With that, I’m off to warm up my wrist + hand-letter a very special save the date ( not my own, I assure you ). Make it a happy Monday, friends.

[ clockwise from top left: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 ]

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There’s something I love about rainy days. It’s feels like an excuse to drop whatever pressing matters are at hand and cozy up on the couch to relax instead. It’s silly because we, of course, have the option to do this whenever we want. But it seems easier and more well-deserved when those water droplets are falling heavy outside. It’s raining as I type this. Huge, roaring downpours are alternating between brief reliefs of quiet, and it’s been the perfect excuse to stop working, enjoy an extra cup of coffee and write this post.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been to Minnesota to see my new nephew, then back home to shoot some freelance projects, letterpress print wedding invitations for some dear friends and enjoy the summery weather that’s slowly encroaching. So yes, this rainy day was needed. A slight reprieve in an over-scheduled life ( <- working on this ) to remind me to slow the eff down. Here’s some good web finds from the past few weeks. Enjoy, my friends.

The pillow of my dreams.

If I hadn’t committed to that whole not shopping thing ( still going strong! ), I would’ve bought a pair of these lemon yellow beauties by now.

Oh, and this necklace + this swimsuit too.

I found this list of iconic Friends episodes, and now my work days are far less productive. Thanks a lot, Buzzfeed + Netflix.

This 5-minute green sauce is, indeed, magic.

Loved this post with advice from female entrepreneurs. The best advice was from the ladies of Food52—I’m so guilty of using the word “just” in email and conversations about my work.

A new discovery, this blog is just so lovely. Bonus, she’s a Wisconsin gal.

Amy Schumer is killing it in her new season. Funny, smart + on-point. I want to be her friend.

After paying for a rather large tax bill + unexpected medical expenses, I’m dreaming of a trip that I cannot afford to here.

I love you, John Oliver.

[ more Instagram pics at @hollisanne_ ]

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If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning ( I’m talking to you mom ), you’ll recognize Lauren + Shawn. They’re friends I first met through work and who have become one of my most devoted clients. From their engagement to marriage and now…to baby Bennett!

Speaking of baby, this lil’ punkin was born at the end of March, and just one week later, acted like such an old pro in front of the camera. We spent a Friday afternoon hanging at their house, and it was so lovely to be with them as they went about their daily routine. Bennett is a sweet, laid-back dude who lasted nearly THREE hours before finally crying at us to stop taking pictures of him. I’m sorry Bennett, but I simply couldn’t get enough of your chubby cheeks and hilarious faces.

Congrats my friends, I look forward to many more photo shoots in the future.

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